Welcome to St. Therese-MTC Colleges La Fiesta Site Training and Assessment Center Home Page!

St. Therese-MTC Colleges, La Fiesta Site is a TESDA Accredited Training and Assessment Center offering the following:
For training programs: Food and Beverage Services NCII, Housekeeping NC II, Bartending NC II and Cookery NC II;
For Assessment Programs: Food and Beverage Service NC II, Housekeeping NC II, Cookery NC II, Bready and Pastry Production NC II, Housekeeping NC III, Commercial Cooking NC III, Ships’ Catering NC III (Ships’ Cook) and Ship’s Catering Services NC I (MESSMAN) Competency Assessment.

We aim to provide excellent training and assessment programs to address the needs of local, regional, national and international community which are guided by desirable Filipino values and global standards.