About Us

Our Institutional Vision

St. Therese-MTC Colleges is a private, non-stock, non-profit, non-sectarian educational institution of mature, responsible and morally upright individuals imbued with Filipino cultural values and specialized global competencies in their professions and workplaces adapted to the educational needs of local, national and international communities.

Produce mature, responsible and morally upright individuals with specialized global competencies.

Our Institutional Mission

St. Therese-MTC Colleges provides quality education to develop responsible and morally upright workforce in the local, national, international communities imbued with technical and professional competencies and Filipino cultural values by providing outcomes-based education, training assessment through instruction, research and community involvement.

Provide quality education through instruction, research and community involvement.

Our Institutional Goals

St. Therese-MTC Colleges conducts an outcomes-based education, training, assessment and research with local, national and international standards integrating the core values of the college.

Conduct outcomes-based education, training assessment and research.

Parameter to Measure the Achievement of the Goal

  1. Students show the required competence through their assessment results.
  2. Student show evidence that they conduct research through their submitted research output.


St. Therese-MTC Colleges graduates are equipped with the competencies needed by the industry.

Code of Conduct

It is the policy of the College that all personnel, academic and administrative staff and students must adhere to the Code of Conduct. An employee, administrative staff or student who violates any provision of the Code of Conduct shall be advised to amend his/her conduct in accordance with the code.