Inter-School Virtual Tour Guiding Competition

Another year of hope and innovation as St. Therese MTC-Colleges celebrated its 37 th year of fruitful existence on 1 st March, 2021 with the theme: Theresian Education: Sustaining Academic Excellence and Global Competitiveness Amidst Global Pandemic. The event started at exactly eight o’clock in the morning with a caravan from St. Therese MTC-College Magdalo Site to St. Anne Parish, Church, Molo, Iloilo City. It was participated in by the faculty and staff, club officers and the student executive council. After the caravan, a Eucharistic Mass followed which was organized by the student executive council of St. Therese MTC-Colleges La Fiesta Site. The virtual opening program started wherein Mr. John Frederick S. Sarabia, Vice President delivered his opening remarks full of enthusiasm. Even though we are still experiencing crisis, this did not stop the Theresian by actively participating in different events last March 02, 2021 with the Alternative Skills Seminar followed by the Virtual Hospitality Tourism and IT Skill Olympics (March 03, 2021) The mass ended successfully by passing the key of responsibility by Mrs. Mavreen Dureza, OSS Head with Mr. Michael Osimco and Mrs. Seanna Mae Detoyato, Dean, STMTCC La Fiesta Site to Mr. Voltaire Obedencia, OSS Head, STMTCC Magdalo Site.