2nd Reseach Colloquium 2018: Building Research Collaboration Towards Excellence

Improvement on tourism promotion through research was the main message of Atty. Sedfrey Cabaluna the Supervising Tourism Operations Officer of the Department of Tourism in region 6 as he open the program with an inspiring message. Different papers had been presented by St. Therese-MTC Colleges' notable faculty members.

Mrs. Analin Jover, the first presenter, presented her paper entitled "Skills Required by the Hospitality Industry. The second paper being presented was entitled "Problems Encountered by Maritime Trainees On Board" by Mrs. Abigail Lopez. The last presenter was Mrs. Mylene Jainga with her paper entitled "Utilization of Research Findings for Maritime Policy Making and Practice: Evidence From Research Studies".

The program was successful through the help of our very own Research Coordinator, Dr. Arlene T. Dalawis, in instilling the importance of research and the ways to improve it. With the aid of Dr. Lourdes AraƱador by sharing stories of her expertise, the researchers was able to grasp information and became more knowledgeable in conducting their respective studies.